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Maria Leonor Eduardo Franz, owner of Samurai’s World (IN ADVANCE THE OWNER) with address for the purposes of notifications in C / Fra Joan Llabres No. 6-2 (Las Maravillas), 07610 Palma (Illes Balears), with NIF 45694683P, makes available on its website certain informative content about its activities. These general conditions govern solely and exclusively the use of the website of THE OWNER by the USERS who access it. These general conditions are exposed to the USER on the website on each and every one of the pages, so that you can read, print, file and accept them through the internet and be fully informed. Access The OWNER website implies without reservation the acceptance of these general conditions of use that the USER affirms to fully understand. The USER undertakes not to use the website and the services offered therein to carry out activities contrary to the law and to respect at all times these general conditions. FIRST.- CONDITIONS OF ACCESS AND USE1.1.- The use of the website of THE OWNER, does not entail the obligation of registration of the USER. The conditions of access and use of this website are strictly governed by the law in force and by the principle of good faith, the USER committing to make good use of the website. All acts that violate the legality, rights or interests of third parties are forbidden: right to privacy, data protection, intellectual property etc.Expressly THE OWNER prohibits the following: 1.1.1.- Perform actions that may occur on the website or through it by any means any type of damage to the systems of THE OWNER or to third parties.1.1.2.- Perform without due authorization any type of advertising or commercial information directly or covertly, sending mass mailings (” spaming “) or sending large messages in order to block servers from the network (” mail bombing “) 1.2.- THE OWNER, may at any time interrupt access to your website if it detects a use contrary to legality, good faith or the present general conditions- see clause fifth.SEGUNDA.- CONTENTSThe contents incorporated in this website have been elaborated and included by: 2.1.- THE OWNER utili internal and external sources in such a way that THE OWNER is only responsible for the contents elaborated internally.2.2.- THE OWNER reserves the right to modify at any time the existing contents on its website. THE OWNER does not assure nor is responsible for the correct functioning of the links to websites of third parties that appear inás through the website of THE OWNER are made available to the user free services and payment offered by third parties aliens and that will be governed by the particular conditions of each of them. THE OWNER does not guarantee the veracity, accuracy or timeliness of the contents and services offered by third parties and is expressly exempt from any type of liability for damages that may arise from the lack of accuracy of these contents and services.TERCERA.- RESPONSABILIDAD3 .1 .- THE OWNER in any case will be responsible for: 3.1.1.- Faults and incidents that may occur in communications, deletion or incomplete transmissions so that there is no guarantee that the services of the website are constantly operational.3.1 .2.- Of the production of any type of damage that the USERS or third parties may cause on the website.3.1.3.- On the reliability and accuracy of the information entered by third parties on the website, either directly or through through links. Likewise, Samurais World will collaborate and notify the competent authority of these incidents at the moment in which it has reliable knowledge that the damages caused constitute any type of illegal activity.3.2.- THE OWNER reserves the right to suspend access without prior notice. Discretionary form and with definitive or temporary character until the assurance of the effective responsibility of the damages that could occur. Likewise, THE OWNER will collaborate and notify the competent authority of these incidents at the moment in which he has reliable knowledge that the damages caused constitute any type of illicit activity.CUARTA.- COPYRIGHT AND MARKSAMurai’s World is a registered trademark. The use of others by any means of the trademark of Samurai’s World, which includes both the name and the logo, without the express consent of the owner, is prohibited. All rights reserved. The USER is co

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